Children are flowers of heaven and a wonderful gift of god and we must treat them with great care. They need just affection, care , attention, concern ,and to be lovingly told the rights and wrongs in life , learn to love his school, enjoy it.  Preschool education is a vital aspect of a child’s learning and development. It helps to expand the range of children’s learning experiences. Importance of preschool education lies in the fact that the students become more confident, enthusiastic and eager learners who later on become successful persons in life.

We are a school that takes care of child the way you do. You love to keep your child in front of your eyes all the time but when you send them to school and day care you keep worrying about them. We take you out of this tension  and literally keep your child in front of your eyes all the time whenever, wherever through online surveillance.  Early childhood development (ECD) programs address the needs and development of young children from birth to 6 years of age. They are multidimensional and designed to support children’s health, nutritional, cognitive, social, and emotional abilities, enabling them to survive and thrive in later years.

We at Mighty Minds International aim to construct a teaching and learning environment in which children and teachers are given opportunities to make decisions, pursue authentic questions & concerns, connect what is known to the unknown and be successful as they explore, test ideas and discover through play, informal learning activities & projects. Few features make us stand out and promise a high quality early child education.

• We are proud to be following the guidelines of globally prestigious NAEYC(National association for education of young children) USA, are individual member of the same.
• We have our transport connected to GPS  to ensure the safety and security of kids and specially designed with baby seats with proper fastenings (seat belts).
• The uniform has been designed by a budding designer of NIFT Delhi. Keeping in mind the comfort of kids and ease of parents to get the kids dressed very quickly.
• Our kids are in the hands of people who genuinely love kids and treat them like a mother does.
• The concept has been evolved by various professional experts.
• The curriculum, syllabus and training methodology are of the international standard.
• Fully Air-Conditioned Hi-tech classrooms.
• Highly safe and eco-friendly environment.
• Learning aids and activity tools have been designed by specialists.
• Fully computer-based audio & video visual teaching aids.
• Imparting of computer skills from the very inception stage.
• Individual attention to excel in all spheres of LIFE .